493,536. Stereoscopic kinematography. PLANTA, G. U. Jan. 4, 1937, No. 238. Void. Convention date, Jan. 13, 1936. [Class 97 (i)] "Left-eye" and " right-eye " views are taken alternately on a film 6 by an optical system comprising objective 1, 2, spaced apart the normal distance of the eyes, reflectors 3, 7 and a combining prism 4, 5 which reflects light from the two objective along the same line A. A shutter 8 having an aperture 11 exposes the film to light from the two objectives alternately. For distant objects, the axes of the objectives 1, 2 are parallel, but the objectives may be so connected together, e.g. by ball-joints, as to be rotatable simultaneously to allow these axes to converge to any object on the line A. The film is projected at normal speed on an ordinary screen, the images thus alternating.

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